Whether your loved one is home alone long-term or short-term, the iPhone application HomeSolo can provide peace of mind. HomeSolo is available at a low cost of $3.99. The app allows well-being checks on the single person through automatic text messages and phone message. User selects days, number of alerts per day, and specific times when well-being alerts are to be received. Set it once, and forget about it. The user acknowledges the messages by pressing a large button on the phone’s screen. If he/she does not press the button, an emergency contact is notified by text after 10 minutes, and by a phone call after 20 minutes. The app must be downloaded to an iPhone by the user to receive alerts, but any text message capable device (i.e., Android, etc.) can qualify as the emergency contact.


  • Eliminates the need for user to wear special apparatus
  • Eliminates costly monthly fees
  • Eliminates the need to manually check on individuals
  • Eliminates possibility of forgotten check-ins
  • Ability to skip next check-in

Possible Uses

  • Elderly parent who lives alone
  • Child home from school due to illness
  • Adult home alone while spouse is away on business
  • Patient home recovering after hospital stay



This is the check-in screen. It shows all check-in times. Click the button to check-in up to 20 minutes early.


This is the new contact screen. This contact will be the person receiving check-in updates. You can enter the information yourself or select from your contact list.


After you create a contact, you may set a new check-in time.


temp images



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